How You Can Build a Better Business

Using the business you already have as a starting point

Using proven systems and our expertise we believe you can expect to increase your profitability by at least 5% in the first 3 months.

Let us give your business a free 'Health Check' to see how healthy and efficient your business is. We provide full reports that analyse and highlight any areas that need action to be taken. Click here to read out more.

CQI can provide you and your business a wide range of services which we have crafted to ensure that your goals as a business owner or manager are fully met. These range from the implementation of Quality Management Systems to achieve Certification or Accreditation to ISO or other international standards to the restructuring of a business into an International Franchise Operation.

For the small business we provide invaluable start-up advice and mentoring through the difficult first years. Mentoring is effective way of learning to grow a business with less mistakes or hurdles as you get the experience and knowledge of someone who has done it all before. To find out more about our mentoring programme, email us.